In late 2007, the Paragon Foundation approached me to assist them in creating a publication that would help define and clarify its mission supporting the individual liberty of every American citizen. Its board was made up of ranchers from New Mexico so it was only natural that the underlying message used the West as a backdrop.

The foundation's mission provides for education, research and the exchange of ideas in an effort to promote and support Constitutional principles, individual freedoms, private property rights and the continuation of rural customs and culture – all with the intent of celebrating and continuing our Founding Fathers' vision for America.

The Cowboy Way, and its earlier incarnation, Living Cowboy Ethics, provided readers the chance to learn and read about these issues through the people and places that made up the real west. The Cowboy Way brought topical and entertaining content to its readers all over America, four-times a year.

The Cowboy Way ceased publishing at the end of 2011. Each year of its publication, it won top honors at the annual American Horse Publication's Awards and left an indelible impression on the world of western media and its loyal readers.

It may have ceased publishing for now, but it isn’t over. The Cowboy Way lives on. — Bill Reynolds

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